This Paper Straw Company’s Sales Rose 5,000% After Starbucks and Others Banned Plastic Straws

The environment is in, plastic is out. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced earlier this week that Canada will be the latest country to join the growing number of nations banning ‘

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced earlier this week that Canada will be the latest country to join the growing number of nations banning single use plastics by 2021. In March, European Parliament passed a similar law that also includes a plan to collect and recycle up to 90 percent of bottles within ten years.

Canadian companies that manufacture plastic will be responsible for collecting and properly disposing of their waste. ‘Canadians will throw away an estimated $11 billion worth of plastic materials each year by 2030’ according to a statement released Prime Minister Trudeau adding that ‘By improving how we manage plastic waste and investing in innovative solutions, we can reduce 1.8 million tonnes of carbon pollution, generate billions of dollars in revenue, and create approximately 42,000 jobs.’Under Canada’s ban plastic straws, cotton swabs, disposable cutlery, and plastic bags will be banned.

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Plastic Straw Bans Mean Big Business for Paper Straw Makers

Following New York state’s ban on plastic grocery bags, effective March 1, 2020, Rochester, New York-based Wegmans supermarket chain announced plans to reduce overall plastic usage by 10 million pounds by 2024. The supermarket’s initiative includes a switch from plastic straws to fiber alternatives at every store location and corporate site.

Wegmans recently selected Footprint, a sustainable product manufacturer, as their new straw provider. Fun & Colorful Paper Straws - Fast & Free Delivery Paper / Straws A Rainbow of Color and Design Options On Our Paper Straws . Low Qty Minimums. Free Shipping · Custom Printing Available · Low Prices Fast Delivery Types: Disposable Ice Cream Cups, Custom Printed Items We offer paper and plastic straws for all of your stra ... The move sets up the company to manufacture more than 10% of America’s daily straw use.

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Single-Use Plastic Backlash a Boon for Alternative Straw Businesses

Consumer pressure on corporations to phase out single-use plastic straws has produced increased demand for reusable or compostable products. Frozen Dessert Spoons Color Changing, Eco Friendly & More Fro Yo, Ice Cream and Gelato Spoons Businesses that make an alternative straw out of paper, silicone, glass, and metal report being inundated with orders.

The drumbeat of corporations announcing plans to ditch plastic straws and stirrers hasn’t slowed. Hay Drinking Straws - Alternative to Paper Straws www.hay straws .com/Hay- Straws Ditch Paper Straws and Try Our Biodegradable Hay Drinking Straws . Hay Straws are Made From Natural Wheat Stems That Won't Go Soggy! Buy Online Now. Request Free Samples · 100% Natural · Affordable Alternative Types: Home Use, Bars, Restaurants, Retail, Distribution Yes, straws made from straw . Biodegradable and plastic-free. Marriott International, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Hilton all made commitments this year. In recent months, Disney, Red Lobster, Live Nation, and Delta joined in. Collins Dictionary recently named ‘single-use’ their word of the year.

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Paper Straws See Massive Surge in Demand

According to the news report by MarketWatch, Hoffmaster Group Inc. and Aardvark Straws, paper straw manufacturers are now ramping up operations due to a massive surge in the demand for and the sales of their products.

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Hoffmaster announced on August 6 that it had acquired Aardvark Straws, the only producer of paper straws in the US, in the next week had already taken steps to meet the flood of orders that were pouring in. In fact, the demand for paper straws has gone up by 5,000%.

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