Trump US Capitol. Impeachment is just one of many constitutional issues on which they have major differences.

[ Trump impeached for ‘inciting’ US Capitol riot in historic second charge ]

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Live impeachment updates: Donald Trump impeached for ‘incitement’ of mob attack on US Capitol

The House’impeached’President Donald Trump for inciting an ‘insurrection’ in last week’s attack on the Capitol, a stinging rebuke of the nation’s 45th president as he prepares to depart the White House after four tumultuous years.

Ten Republicans broke from their party ‘ and their president ‘ to join Democrats in approving the single article of impeachment. Trump will leave power as the first president in the nation’s 245-year history to be impeached twice.

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Author: Bart Jansen Maureen Groppe Ledyard King Nicholas Wu Christal Hayes and David Jackson
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