Trump Is Banned. Who Is Next?

Banning Trump should not be seen as the end of an era. It needs to be the start of a new one, and we should not give up on the myth of content moderation that depicts a better future,’ she writes.

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evelyn douek says tech giants must not treat their crackdown on the president’s social accounts as an edge case. The social web should be different now.

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Date: Mon, 01/11/2021 – 19:08
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Trump Is Banned. Who Is Next? – The Atlantic

The story of the past week in content moderation can be told in two ways. The first is the formalistic myth that platforms want us to believe. In this telling, platforms have policies and principles they hew to; their decisions based on them are neutral, carefully considered evaluations of the rules and the facts. The second is the realist take, in which the posts and tweets of platform executives and spokespeople can be seen as fig leaves, trying to hide that these were, at bottom, arbitrary and suddenly convenient decisions made possible by a changed political landscape and new business imperatives.

Publisher: The Atlantic
Date: 2021-01-09T20:39:00Z
Author: Evelyn Douek
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Twitter’s Ban on Trump Shows Where Power Now Lies

In the end, two billionaires from California did what legions of politicians, prosecutors and power brokers had tried and failed to do for years:

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These companies, corporate autocracies masquerading as mini-democracies, often portray their moderation decisions as the results of a kind of formulaic due process, as if ‘don’t incite an insurrectionist mob’ had been in the community guidelines all along. But high-stakes calls like these typically come down to gut decisions made under extreme duress. In this case, Mr. Dorsey and Mr. Zuckerberg considered the evidence, consulted their teams, weighed the trade-offs and risks of inaction ‘ including the threat of a worker revolt that could damage their ability to attract top talent ‘ and decided that they’d seen enough.

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Donald Trump being banned from social media is a dangerous distraction

Facebook, Google and Twitter peddle extremism for profit. They must be broken up – if not, worse is coming

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s instigation of a shocking attack on the US Capitol, it’s easy to demand that Trump be barred from social media.

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‘These corporations should announce a permanent ban of his accounts,’ said Representative Bennie Thompson, chair of the House homeland security committee. ‘Nothing short of that will meet this moment.’

The problem, in other words, won’t go away with banning Trump, because the problem is that the steady supply of toxic, addictive content that keeps eyeballs on ads is at the heart of these monopolies’ business models. Trump is far from the only supplier of that content now, and there’s no doubt others will rise up to replace him, with a boost from Facebook and Google.

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Twitter shares drop in first trading day after Trump ban

Twitter stock cratered as much as 12.3% Monday morning, in the first trading session since the social media company’permanently suspended President Donald Trump‘s account. The stock recouped some of those losses in early afternoon trading, when it was down almost 5%.

The move could likely reignite legislation to revoke Section 230,’the law that protects internet companies from liability for content users post, according to analyst notes. Trump has loudly voiced his disdain for Section 230, and some politicians in both parties have complained about it.

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