Trump moves to freeze pay for federal workers amid government shutdown

If Trump’s decision’is allowed to stand, the pay freeze would affect about 2.1 million federal employees. The military would not be affected.

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Some federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown are facing uncertainty as they return to work after the Christmas holiday. About 420,000 who are considered essential are working unpaid. (Dec. 26) AP

WASHINGTON ‘ Amid the current partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to freeze pay for federal workers in 2019.

The move is consistent with Trump’s budget proposal and a notice to Congress in August, when he cited “serious economic conditions” in cutting pay to civilian workers.’We must maintain efforts to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases,’ he said at the time.

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Trump executive order freezes raises for federal workers

It’s not a surprise. Trump has been advocating a federal pay freeze since February, and long proposed shrinking the federal government, the US’s largest employer. On his very first day in office, Trump signed a federal hiring freeze,‘and in August he said he would block an expected 2.1% pay raise for federal workers.

But the freeze comes as roughly 800,000 federal workers are furloughed or working without pay due to the government shutdown, making the action particularly cruel, workers’ advocates say.

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The Hidden Cost of a Government Shutdown

President Trump and his supporters are working hard to convince Americans that the current shutdown is no big deal. After all, they say, most of the federal government is already funded for the new year, and essential employees now working without pay, such as airport-security screeners, will get their checks after the shutdown ends. ‘Don’t let shutdown fears spoil your Christmas’ was the headline at the conservative Washington Examiner website last Thursday. ‘It won’t be a big deal.’ There might be some pain, the article explained, but it won’t last long, and besides, it will ease commutes in and out of Washington.

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Trump orders pay freeze for federal workers

President Trump issued an order Friday to freeze in 2019 federal employee salary rates, although a chance remains that workers will receive a raise.

The order comes as some 800,000 federal employees, out of a workforce of 2.1 million, are in unpaid status due to the partial government shutdown that has lasted a week and is almost guaranteed to last a number of days more. Of those, about 380,000 have been furloughed, while the rest are still on the job without pay.

‘This is just pouring salt into the wound,’ Tony Reardon, who is president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said in a statement. ‘It is shocking that federal employees are taking yet another financial hit. As if missed paychecks and working without pay were not enough, now they have been told that they don’t even deserve a modest pay increase.’

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