Trump Revives Racist ‘Pocahontas’ Slur Against Warren, Donald Jr. Responds: ‘Savage!’

President Donald Trump apparently wasn’t paying attention ‘ or maybe he was ‘ when Native American leaders blasted his ‘racist’ use of ‘Pocahontas‘ as a slur against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). He resurrected it ‘ again ‘ Saturday in a tweet. But what was more startling was his eldest son’s response using a astonishing term: ‘Savage!!! I love my president!’

In case you are keeping track:

Trump needles new presidential candidate Warren on Native American claims

President Trump wasted little time Saturday before needling newly declared presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren over her controversial’efforts to align herself with Native Americans.

Warren, Democratic Massachusetts senator, officially announced her candidacy on Saturday in Lawrence. Touting’a progressive agenda, she didn’t refer to recent controversies over her longstanding claims about having a Native American heritage.

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No matter. Within hours, Trump made it clear he was happy to reference the issue himself, even if she wouldn’t. He did so on Twitter, where he’made’light of Warren and threw’down a campaign gauntlet.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets candid about potty-training

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New allegations concern the discovery of a Texas legal bar registration form from 1986, on which Warren listed herself as ‘American Indian.’ This claim of race, in her own handwriting, showed an unsolicited invocation by Warren that she is a person of color. However, her ancestry story has highlighted an even larger controversy over what actually constitutes minority status and how such claims of race can or should be confirmed.

Trump Jr. applauds racist Native American jokes, sarcastically calls father ‘savage’

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