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Trump Uses Obamas Words In New Argument For Wall Funding

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California, New Mexico ask judge to block Trump from using military funds for border wall
(Jun 2019) “California and New Mexico both request that this Court declare that the transfer and use of . an Obama appointee, ruled last month to grant a preliminary injunction to stop Trump from using some

Fact check: Trump’s statements on Iran, North Korea, wine, the estate tax, the wall (and more) range from a little off to flatly false
(Jun 2019) On May 24, a federal judge in California who was appointed by Obama blocked Trump from building key sections of the wall with that money . cause more buyers to shift into the used-vehicle market,

How Trump Turned Liberal Comedians Conservative
(Jun 2019) In class, Young has her college students diagram late-night jokes and label the incongruities—the hidden arguments . used the c-word a bunch. I care that she, like, didn’t make a joke.” Or maybe Bee

A mutual target: Democrats join President Trump in punching at Joe Biden
(Jun 2019) Their arguments . “Obama took him off the trash heap.” Then he sought to raise questions about Biden’s health, much as he did about Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Now, I have to tell you, he’s a

In Trump era, LI immigrants cope with tougher ICE actions, ‘climate of fear’
(Jun 2019) In a failed attempt to win congressional funding for his long-sought wall . The Trump administration announced that on Sept. 9 time would run out for Salvadorans protected by the program, which was

McCain and Obama Trend as Twitter Trolls Trump on His 73rd Birthday — But Ivanka Pays Tribute
(Jun 2019) Well, since “Happy Birthday Mr. President” is trending, I’ll just use this opportunity to wish President Obama an EARLY . has said Trump’s insistence on a wall with Mexico amounted to

Biden and Trump exchange fire in Iowa, ignoring others in the field
(Jun 2019) He also launched into an extended argument that while politics needs more civility, the overall system of government does not. “They said that we’ve got to have a new system . who was part of an

Democrats Have Never Been More Pro-Immigration, Thanks to Trump
(Jun 2019) Trump, the argument . for a 700-mile wall and has yet to back away from punishing employers that hire unauthorized immigrants. Meanwhile, Castro, who was President Barack Obama’s secretary

Trump optimistic about reaching agreement with China
(Jun 2019) Now, 2012 in President Obama’s race . attacks from those who attempt to use the word “socialism” as a slur. But I should also tell you that I have faced and overcome these attacks for decades.

4 years in, President Trump fondly recalls Trump Tower campaign launch
on 16th of Jun 2019 NEW YORK (AP . great wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border that the American ally would pay for, “Mark my words.” “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said in one

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