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Trumps First Line Of Defense Has A Suspicious Shape

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Trump says barbed wire ‘can be a beautiful sight.’ Many border communities disagree
Mar 24th, 2019 03:07 UTC Troops on the southern border have installed hundreds of miles of the wire during the last few months as part of President Trump’s effort to stop caravans . under a $41-million contract with the

Trump’s McCain Insults Stir Republicans’ Better Angels
(Mar 2019) “I’m far from the first . have wondered what he had done so wrong that he earned the approval of a man he despised,” he tweeted at Trump. That was in keeping with comments from Senator Johnny

Trump issues first veto after rebuke of border order
(Mar 2019) WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump issued the first veto of . though House Democrats have suggested they would try nonetheless. Trump wants to use the emergency order to divert billions of

AP Explains: Trump ‘Wall Defense Fund’ cash goes to campaign
(Mar 2019) In recent fundraising texts and emails, the president’s Republican campaign has said it is “launching” its “Official Wall Defense . portions.” Trump last week issued the first veto of his

Victor Davis Hanson on Trump
(Mar 2019) I am suspicious . have been wary, is probably the most charitable way to put it about the Trump administration. And you sort of saw that compounded with the resignation of Secretary Madison a few

China Protests Possible Trump Move to Sell F
(Mar 2019) The Trump administration has given tacit approval to . Carolyn Nelson, a Lockheed spokeswoman, said the first F-16s to be built at a new facility in Greenville, South Carolina, won’t roll off the