Trump’s first line of defense has a suspicious shape


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The suspicious timing of the Stormy Daniels payout might lead to campaign

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that federal prosecutors are zeroing in on the timing of the payments to Stephanie Clifford (whose stage name is Stormy Daniels) by the president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. The fact that these payments came immediately after the release of the Access Hollywood tape in the waning weeks of the 2016 election is helping prosecutors construct a plausible narrative that shows the hush-money was election related.
The issue of timing is important because prosecutors have to pre-empt the argument that the payment to Clifford was made just to prevent Trump’s family from learning of her alleged affair with Trump rather than to influence the election

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Michael D. Cohen, Trump’s Longtime Lawyer, Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket

Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, said on Tuesday that he had paid $130,000 out of his own pocket to a pornographic-film actress who had once claimed to have had an affair with Mr. Trump.

In the most detailed explanation of the 2016 payment made to the actress, Stephanie Clifford, Mr. Cohen, who worked as a counsel to the Trump Organization for more than a decade, said he was not reimbursed by the Trump Organization or the campaign for the payment.

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‘Would you like to make history on the podcast and endorse the progressive candidate for governor right now?’ Fordham University political science professor Christina Greer asked Mayor Bill de Blasio last week in an interview on the FAQNYC podcast.
De Blasio’s response couldn’t have been more vague, and his winding answer virtually avoided mentioning Cynthia Nixon by name. ‘I continue, it’s about a month out, I continue to look at all the statewide races, and again I’ll speak to each one when I’m ready in each way,’ de Blasio said. ‘I think the mature point is, you’ve got to figure out in each case ..

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