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Chaste out of the pocket: Cam Newton says he’s going sex
(Mar 2019) Last season was a trying one for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who labored through a shoulder injury until it became too much to bear, the team shutting him down in mid-December. His

Pocket Door Track Remover
on 24th of Mar 2019 This all started with a request to help a client whose grandchild squished their fingers in a sliding door jamb. This particular home has pocket doors that weigh around 260 pounds and almost 9′ tall.

Key to streak for Cajun Cantrelle is in his back pocket
(Mar 2019) Hayden Cantrelle of the Ragin’ Cajuns extended his hitting streak in UL’s 7-4 win over Appalachian State on Saturday. Check out this story on

As floods sweep Midwest, individual out-of
(Mar 2019) ROCK PORT, Mo. – The damage to property, infrastructure and loss of crops due to record flooding throughout the Midwest could climb to several billion dollars, according to Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts

Where do hotels want to be? In your pocket
(Mar 2019) One of the standard questions we ask any hotel development or brand executive in an interview is “where do you want to be?” in terms of geography. Do you want hotels in new countries? Different types

Childhood adversity linked to higher out-of
(Mar 2019) Dr. Adam Schickedanz led the study, which showed that household medical costs were 30 percent higher when an adult had lived through three or more adverse experiences during childhood. A study has