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Fifty-two tweets in 34 hours: How a Trump Twitter frenzy defined a weekend
on 24th of Mar 2019 The first tweet came just after 11:50 a.m. last Saturday morning, and the final one landed at 10:04 p.m. the next evening. What should have been a quiet weekend at home for President Donald Trump – a

Trump Makes Tentative Return From Nearly 40
on 24th of Mar 2019 President Donald Trump broke a Twitter silence of almost 40 hours following the delivery of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, calling on followers Sunday to “Have a Great Day!” before testing

Trump played golf with Kid Rock and went dark on Twitter while the world waited for the release of the Mueller report
on 24th of Mar 2019 Over the weekend, all eyes were on Attorney General William Barr’s trips to his Washington, DC office and any clues about his next moves following the submission of special counsel Robert Mueller’s

Devin Nunes sues a sassy cow on Twitter, and she gains a herd of followers
(Mar 2019) I get it, Devin Nunes. Your feelings are hurt. You don’t like being called names, or being told that you belong in prison. But when a person has a public profile — even a teensy one like mine —

CNN’s Dickensian Trump / Mueller tweet brought out the Twitter peanut gallery in force
on 24th of Mar 2019 If you write something silly or foolish on Twitter, you’re gonna get dragged. CNN is getting a firsthand lesson in that universal truth after a Saturday tweet went decidedly off the rails. It was

Trump Wants Appeals Court to Let Him Block Critics on Twitter
on 24th of Mar 2019 U.S. President Donald Trump doesn’t take kindly to his Twitter critics, and like many users of the social network he’s used the block function to prevent them from engaging with him. But for much of

Bitcoin Account Accuses Twitter of Shadow Banning to Restrict Its Reach
on 24th of Mar 2019 The owner of the Twitter handle @Bitcoin believes the account is being restricted for being critical toward the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network and the Lightning Network (LN). Over the last few weeks

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Hillary Clinton Mocked Jared Kushner on Twitter
(Mar 2019) Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has developed a reputation for her sharp, popular commentary on Twitter. This time, former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

CNN’s Poetic Donald Trump Tweet Did Not Receive A Passing Grade From Twitter Users
on 24th of Mar 2019 Saturday, CNN’s social media team went a little overboard when it came to documenting Donald Trump’s mindset. It was the day after the hotly anticipated, potentially earth-shattering Mueller

This week in tech history: Android Wear, Twitter and Friendster
(Mar 2019) Taking it back even further than MySpace. At Engadget, we spend every day looking at how technology will shape the future. But it’s also important to look back at how far we’ve come — that’s what