Secret Service extends beyond protecting the President to investigating crimes against the U.S.

[ U.S. Secret Service Shares How Crypto Is Viewed From A Law Enforcement Perspective ]
“How the crime was committed, via crypto or not, or what form of money was stolen, is often irrelevant to the prosecution and therefore not quantified for statistical purposes’more study is needed ‘

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Hill explained the role of the U.S. Secret Service extends beyond protecting the President to investigating crimes against the U.S. financial system, including computer system hacks and digital currency crimes. With the development of a new U.S. digital dollar in a tokenized form as a current discussion on Capitol Hill, the Secret Service’s role may harken back to its original reason for being created – fighting counterfeit money.

The Secret Service division was originally founded on July 5, 1865 and was placed in the Department of the Treasury based on its mission. After the assassination of President McKinley in 1901, the third sitting President to be assassinated, the Secret Service then took on its role of protecting the Commander-In-Chief that Americans are most familiar with.

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Date: 2020-07-10
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Trump’s Taxes May Be Released ‘ Eventually

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It was a split decision: New York won, Congress lost (for now). Both elements of the matter were decided by 7-to-2 majorities:

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Facebook takes down inauthentic networks. Pre-installed malware. Evilnum vs. fintech. Joker’s back. FreddieMac discloses breach.

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Facebook yesterday took action against several networks for violations of the social medium’s’policies ‘against foreign interference and coordinated inauthentic behavior.’ The networks were based in several countries: Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Ukraine, and the US. The networks in Canada and Ecuador exhibited both inauthenticity and foreign interference (with audiences in El Salvador, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile). The networks in Brazil, Ukraine, and the US used coordinated inauthenticity mostly to engage domestic audiences.’

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