Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm says she was once forced to pose nude for a magazine

Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm says she was forced to get naked on set for a ‘high-profile’ magazine photo shoot, which left her in tears.

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Malcolm said she ultimately stripped down after relentless pressure. However, the nightmare gig only got worse.

‘As there were a lot of mirrors in the room, he asked for everyone to leave the set,’ she wrote in her blog. ‘Not because I was naked and uncomfortable with a dozen strangers gawking at me, but so that he could get a clear shot.’

Malcolm also described how the shoot was moved outdoors and the photographer, who remained unnamed, showed little mercy or sympathy.

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VS Model Bridget Malcolm’s ‘Terrifying’ Premenstrual Condition

Most women would admit to feeling a little ‘off’ around their time of the month. But for Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm, cramps, crankiness and a craving for carbs is the least of her worries.

Taking to her blog last week, the 26-year-old shared she’s been battling a psychiatric illness that strikes during the latter part of her menstrual cycle.’

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‘For the last year or so I have had a very hard time with anxiety and anxiety attack. Finally, this year I got a diagnosis for it.’

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