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We Drank Whiskey Instead Homeowners Cope After Storm Damage

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Cities Prepare to Face New Disasters
(Dec 2018) We fool ourselves into thinking we are safe, until a catastrophic event shows us how wrong we are. New York discovered that grim fact in Superstorm Sandy. Houston in Harvey. San Juan in Maria. And, of

An orientalist antizionist, or: they don’t call it ‘Palestine Party Town’ for nothing, she said
(Dec 2018) After . we will achieve peace (the fall of Zionism, the rise of parties). Shoshana plops into a beaten-up leather couch in the center of West Jerusalem; playing board games; drinking whiskey

Travel discoveries and disappointments of 2018
(Dec 2018) But on day one we woke to a wind, and by lunchtime it was unbearable to be outside, even turbaned and veiled, so we were confined to our increasingly sand-filled tent. With no sign the storm would

Yellow Jackets Rise Against Neo-Liberal ‘King’ Macron
(Dec 2018) In all this I was reminded of a young woman we met at a public picnic in southwestern France last summer. She cares for elderly people who live at home . poker and drinking whiskey in illegal

Catastrophic power outages pose ‘profound risk’ to US, advisory council warns
(Dec 2018) It can happen here, and we are . also had to cope with subsequent cyberattacks reversing their progress. “The real weakness is just how do you get that power back from nothing after 30 days

20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Justice League
(Dec 2018) As the Parademons descend on Russia, we watch as they take over a family’s home . Green Goo After Aquaman saves the fisherman from a devastating storm, he heads to the bar for a rewarding glass of w