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Who Would Trump Blame If Gorsuch Or Kavanaugh Ruled Against His Use Of Emergency Powers For A Border Wall

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Who would Trump blame if Gorsuch or Kavanaugh ruled against his use of emergency powers for a border wall?
(Jan 2019) In an earlier post, I examined the significant risks for conservatives if President Trump invokes emergency powers to build a border wall. But it’s also worth taking a moment to examine why the move m

Mitch McConnell Got Everything He Wanted. But at What Cost?
(Jan 2019) On Jan. 9, he stood stone-faced alongside Trump in a Senate hallway as the president suggested he would get his wall money by declaring a national emergency . have tried to use McConnell’s own playb

Sen. Lindsey Graham on whether Congress can end the stalemate over the partial government shutdown
(Jan 2019) PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The Democrats don’t care about the border and they don’t care about crime. WALLACE: Now the president weighs declaring a national emergency and funding . Friday urged him to

Witcover: Trump follows Nixon to the courts, then blinks
(Jan 2019) Nearly half a century ago, President Richard Nixon blundered his way toward political destruction by depending on the Supreme Court to save his hide in the Watergate fiasco. It ruled against . Neil