Tucker Carlson has accused “stupid Republicans” of focusing on Cuba rather than the “tyrant”

[ WH’s Psaki: If You’re Banned On One Social Media Platform, You Should Be Banned On All Others ]
White House press secretary Jen Psaki at Friday’s briefing defended the White House program to monitor, moderate and alert Facebook for vaccine “misinformation” posted on the social media platform.

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Psaki says if you’re banned on one social media platform you should be banned on every social media platform. pic.twitter.com/NinW97xU2z

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Tucker Carlson accuses “stupid Republicans” of focusing on Cuba rather than “despot” US government

Tucker Carlson has accused ‘stupid Republicans’ of focusing on Cuba rather than the ‘tyrant’ US government after the White House sought a ban on social media from people disseminating anti-vaccine information.

Fox News hosts commented on his show on Friday after President Joe Biden defeated social media companies such as Facebook for spreading false information about the COVID-19 vaccine to the platform.

‘I’m glad you mentioned Cuba, as stupid Republicans on the hills are still talking about Cuba’s lack of freedom,’ Carlson said at his show.

‘And it’s not a free country, it’s true-but more and more we aren’t, and they don’t seem to be aware of what’s happening in the country they should be running.’

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‘Hannity’ on the Biden family, Big Tech

‘Hannity’ host slams tech giants for banning the president of the United States from their platforms, allowing foreign enemies

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