Why Daniel Bryan NXT SmackDown. Friday Night SmackDown this week was bittersweet, as fans were treated to a PPV-worthy main event

[ Why Daniel Bryan should head to NXT after being banned from SmackDown ]
With the legend barred from SmackDown after a title loss, Ryan Satin reflects on Bryan’s legacy ‘ and where he could be headed.

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Friday Night SmackDown this week was bittersweet, as fans were treated to a PPV-worthy main event for Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship that unfortunately ended with Daniel Bryan being barred from the show.

Before we get into that, I first want to give WWE credit for making the match between Daniel and Roman feel important throughout the night.’

The predictions from talent in backstage or selfie videos gave the main event a big fight feel and (for some reason) these comments just felt more genuine than when it’s been done in the past.’

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Daniel Bryan Banned From WWE Smackdown After Loss To Roman Reigns

As much as it’s hard to believe for the WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan will no more be seen on WWE SmackDown. He lost the scheduled title match, last night and as per the stipulation, he won’t be allowed on the blue brand of the WWE, anymore. That being said, the Friday Night show will lose one of the consistent star powers for the past several years.

This week’s SmackDown on FOX main event was touted as one of the biggest in the history of SmackDown where Daniel Bryan got one last shot to Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship. The match would go on for more than 30 minutes which saw the Head of the Table retain in a dominant fashion. Reigns used his Guillotine Chokehold submission to retain.

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Daniel Bryan Banned From WWE SmackDown After Main Event Loss To Roman Reigns

Tonight’s SmackDown on FOX main event, which went longer than 30 minutes, saw WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns retain over Bryan in a Career vs. Title match. Per the stipulation, Bryan is now banned from the blue brand.

The back & forth match ended with Reigns making Bryan fade out in a Guillotine submission. After the match, Reigns brought two steel chairs into the ring until Cesaro made the save and attacked. Cesaro beat Reigns to ringside and delivered a running uppercut against the barrier. Jey Uso attacked Cesaro and superkicked him, allowing Reigns to head back into the ring. Uso then trapped Cesaro in the ropes and forced him to watch Reigns deliver a Con-Chair-To to Bryan.

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WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan’s Career on the Blue Brand Ends After Losing Universal Championship Match Against Roman Reigns

WWE aired several segments throughout the episode, with several wrestlers and legends giving their thoughts on the main-event encounter.

The actual match saw Bryan succumb to the Tribal Chief, who locked in the Guillotine to win the match.

Bryan faded out, and the referee called for the bell. This marked the end of Bryan’s run on SmackDown, as the announcers confirmed that Byran will be banned from the blue brand.

Still The Head of the Table. STILL his Universe.#SmackDown @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/kfMCuxD5Xo

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Daniel Bryan Given Con-Chair-To After WWE Smackdown Career Comes To An End

It’s not often a WWE Superstar loses a major world championship match, finds himself suddenly ‘unemployed’, and has his head smashed in between two steel chairs all at the same time.

Reigns and his cousin Jey Uso continued to beat down Bryan after the match. Cesaro, who has been positioning himself for a future title shot recently, tried to make the save was forced to watch as the Yes Movement leader received a brutal Con-Chair-To from the champ.

Of course, it’s incredibly unlikely we’ve seen the last of Daniel Bryan in WWE ring. He’ll likely be selling that chair shot for quite some time, but it’s possible he’ll pop up on Monday Night Raw or WWE NXT at some point in the future.

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