PORTLAND, Ore. – Najee Gow paced the street Tuesday in front of the graffiti-covered federal

[ Why Portland Became the Test Case for Trump’s Secret Police ]
Federal officers walk through tear gas while dispersing a crowd of about a thousand people during a protest in Portland, Ore.

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‘This is not a dictatorship’: Portland protesters push back harder against Trump, federal agents

PORTLAND, Ore.’ Najee Gow paced’the street Tuesday’in front of the graffiti-covered federal courthouse, a megaphone at his lips.

Gow was’putting words to a wave of growing anger and resentment in Portland after President Donald Trump deployed more than 100 federal law enforcement agents last week to the liberal city he has repeatedly criticized.

Critics said the president’is testing out’heavy-handed enforcement in Portland, a largely white city known as one of the most progressive’in the nation, before moving on to more diverse cities. They also accused’the president of’creating more conflict amid’national protests‘over racial injustice’and police brutality against Black Americans.

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Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat ‘ Governor of Oregon ‘ said that the President should, quote, ‘stop playing politics,’ called law enforcement officers ‘secret police,’ and likened it to, quote, a ‘dictatorship.’ The governor also called on the president to get his officers off the streets.

Democrat mayor of Portland, Todd Wheeler, said the President is ‘trying to look strong for his base’ while you had Democrats on the Hill, Nancy Pelosi, calling these officers stormtroopers and Jim Clyburn calling them the Gestapo.

The bottom line is that this President stands with law and order, which leads to peace.’ And we will not allow Portland to become the new CHOP, like what we saw in Seattle. And with that, I’ll take questions.

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Constitutional crisis looms over federal agents in Portland

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‘We cannot just stand idly by and watch the slow erosion of civil and constitutional rights’ | Reese’s Final Thought

In the last week, federal agents were deployed there by the Department of Homeland Security, supposedly to protect federal buildings and landmarks from rioting protesters. Dressed in unmarked military fatigues with no name tags, heavily armed with their faces covered they look nothing like the police force they claim to be, but more like an invading army. Videos and reports of their actions are disturbing.’

Oregon’s governor wants them out his state, but acting head of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, a former lobbyist with no law enforcement experience, seems to think he can keep them there if he wants.’

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Bill Straub: Rand Paul objects to Trump’s Gestapo but then wants Dr. Fauci to be more optimistic – User

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