Woman Finds Tunnel System of Crawl Spaces and a Secret Room in ‘Creepy’ Home

The woman revealed she rented the home, which was built in 1959, without ever seeing it in person, then discovered a tunnel system of crawl spaces.

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A woman has compared her house to something from the movie Coraline with numerous crawl spaces forming a “tunnel system”‘and an entire room hidden behind a window.

The tenant, who calls herself JKay online, shared a series of videos to TikTok after finding strange spaces dotted around her rented house, which was built in 1959.

She claims there are “things in my rental home which just don’t make sense,” as she showed off a tiny door at floor-level, which leads to a crawl space that comes out in the ceiling of another room.

“I moved cross country and rented it sight unseen. The listing didn’t mention a tunnel system,” she added, without revealing the location of the house.

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Many things are taking place:

Woman Finds Tunnel System of Crawl Spaces and a Secret Room in ‘Creepy’ Home

But that’s not the strangest thing about her new home, as JKay said: “If you thought the Coraline crawlspace was weird, check this out. I wonder where this window behind the stairwell leads?”

She films her staircase leading to the lower level, which has a large window in the middle of the wall.

JKay can barely open the window due to the angle of the stairs, but she manages to access it and films a large room filled with debris.

“Lots of leaves,” she says as she pans the room, which has a sloped, brick ceiling, wooden paneled walls and a bare floor.

And she points out yet another crawl space in the middle of the wall, as she asked: “Why is there so many?”

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NYC Woman Discovers ‘Secret’ Room Behind Her Bathroom Mirror ‘ Watch the Creepy Viral Video

“TRULY a new meaning to a ‘hole in the wall,’ ” Samantha Hartsoe captioned one of the videos she shared on Tiktok

A New York City woman was in for a disturbing surprise this week after she discovered what turned out to be a hidden room on the other side of her bathroom mirror.

On Wednesday, Samantha Hartsoe posted the first clip of a four-part saga on TikTok entitled “A New York Mystery,” in which she explained to viewers that she wanted to find the cause of an unexplained cold draft in her bathroom. The video has since been viewed over 9 million times.

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For DACA recipients, a Senate vote and a Texas judge stand between citizenship and deportation

Jose Loyo has a university degree in robotics. He leverages those advanced engineering skills daily to test engines for Cummins, a $40 billion multinational corporation that provides power sources for companies worldwide.

And yet, because he was brought to the United States from Mexico as a 3-year-old, he is not a citizen and is concerned that he and his wife, Yamileth Martinez, 23, who also arrived in the United States’as a child from Mexico, could be deported’to a country they’know’only in’stories.

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TVA explores a creepy abandoned tunnel at the historic Norris lab

The Tennessee Valley Authority knows that, so when a previously hidden tunnel was discovered during excavation work at the Norris Lab, officials were smart enough to send in a drone, not a person!

The entrance to the buried tunnel was found during routine renovation work at the lab. It’s forty feet long and ten feet wide, and every inch of it is crawling with spider webs, mice and who knows what else!?

‘Access to the tunnel is currently prohibited due to environmental, health and safety concerns; however through a collaborative effort with TVA’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program, we are able to explore the interior,’ said Cindy Light, Norris Consolidation Project manager. ‘This drone footage is the first time anyone’s seen the inside of the tunnel since it was closed up, likely 30 to 40 years ago, if not more.’

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Resident Evil full story retrospective: 25 years of survival horror history

Be warned; this retrospective will contain spoilers on every game listed. Do note that we will be recapping the remakes of the Resident 1, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3, since they’re likely regarded as the canonical versions now. There are some minor plot differences between the new versions and the originals, but the general gist is the same.

* * *

Our heroes have no choice but to flee to whatever shelter they can find. They spot an abandoned mansion and immediately rush inside, locking the door behind them. The only members of Alpha Team left on this mission are Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and their captain, Albert Wesker. After getting their bearings from being chased by the mutant dogs, Alpha Team decides to split into groups to explore the mansion.

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The hidden rooms and secret tunnels dotting St. John’s

Built in 1957, the house’s architecture’all straight lines and long rectangles’is unique to the area.

“The space isn’t in the blueprints at all. We found it when we were trying to figure out where some pipes led,” Munro told me.

“It’s tucked in the back corner of the basement, off of the small room where the sump pump is. The doorway was hidden from view.”

Munro can’t possibly know what the room was meant for, but cement blocks make up the walls with wooden shelves built into them.

“We think it’s an unfinished Cold War bunker. It’s cool and a little creepy. At some point, someone made a big hole in the concrete, probably trying to put a door through to the other side.”

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