WWE Draft 2021: Five Women That Need To Change Brands

‘It’s time to shake things up again!’ The famous catchphrase Mr. McMahon once used when announcing an upcoming draft for WWE. The draft in WWE is generally put in motion whenever WWE needs to shake up both RAW and SmackDown. When both brands get stale for an extended period, the switching of shows comes to play.

At first, the WWE Draft used to take place post WrestleMania. Now, the shakeup occurs in the latter half of the year in October. With the draft coming up in one week, it only fits to determine which superstars will switch shows.

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Ever since Bayley became a member of the SmackDown brand in 2019, she has proven that she can deliver, whether as a face or a heel. When Bayley turned heel, the WWE Universe saw a whole other side of her. Instead of hugging the fans, Bayley portrayed a ruthless and antagonizing person who would do whatever it takes to remain on top. Throughout her time on SmackDown, she made history by becoming the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

5 trades WWE should make between SmackDown and RAW during the 2021 Draft

With live fans back, WWE doesn’t feel as stale as it did a few months ago. Nevertheless, SmackDown and RAW are still in need of change and freshness. WWE Draft gives the product a chance to make new storylines and rejuvenate characters for a fresh cycle.

While not confirmed by the company, WWE plans to hold the 2021 Draft at the start of October following the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, which is set for September 26th.

As a result, several stories on RAW and SmackDown have enough time to be wrapped up in time for a change in landscape. Whether due to a lack of growth opportunities or the need for a new environment, quite a few Superstars need to switch brands during the WWE Draft.

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