WWE made the surprising decision to have Charlotte Flair become the NXT Women’s Champion at

[ WWE Has Big Plans For A Polarizing Top Star ]

WWE made the surprising decision to have Charlotte Flair become the NXT Women’s Champion at WrestleMania 36, and that move was apparently part of a bigger plan for NXT.

‘Charlotte Flair reportedly defeated’Rhea Ripley’for the’WWE’NXT’Women’s Title on Night Two of’WrestleMania 36’because WWE wants her on’NXT’to help win the Wednesday Night War with AEW, according to Dave Meltzer on’Wrestling Observer Radio…It was noted that WWE wants Flair on’NXT’to help win Wednesday nights, and that is a part of their new strategy to help gain on’AEW’in the ratings.’

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WWE: Charlotte Flair on WrestleMania, empty arenas and future in NXT

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring at Wrestlemania 36 Credits: Image and video supplied by WWE

For World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Charlotte Flair, performing in front of a crowd of one is as important as a crowd of 101,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the sports entertainment brand indoors, with WrestleMania 36 shifted from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay to the company’s performance centre in Orlando, Florida.

The professional wrestling giant called more than just one audible for their biggest show of the year, rebranding it as too big for just one night. Wwe has big plans for a polarizing top News WWE Has Big Plans For A Polarizing Top StarForbes3 hours agoWWE has big things in store for one of the company's most accomplished stars, who is expected to get a massive push on multiple ... For the first time, Wrestlemania was held over two days in front of a live crowd consisting of just WWE cameramen and commentators – a world away from the more than 80,000 tickets they had sold for the event.’

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What’s Next for Brock Lesnar? Predicting His Next Feud and WWE Raw Return

The Beast Incarnate predictably dropped his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36, helping to round off one of the better-told stories in WWE and cementing a new bona fide star in the process.

But while Lesnar figures to dip off screen for a bit, it’s only a matter of time before he’s taking on challengers again and working toward winning a title.

Let’s look at where his next feud could happen and speculate on its nature before nailing down a final prediction.

Look, this one won’t have a ton of appeal to hardcore WWE fans. But if Lesnar’s coming back for some big-money fights, it could end up happening against a Tyson Fury-type character.

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2020 WWE WrestleMania 36 matches, card, schedule, dates, start time, location, coronavirus plans, rumors

All were aware that we would be in for quite the bizarre WrestleMania 36 event with the biggest show of the year taking place inside of an empty WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. With the first night of the show now in the books, it was certainly a surreal event to say the least. Videos for Wwe Has Big Plans For A Polarizing Top 10:0710 Big WWE Plans Rumored for 2020 - New ShieldYouTube The two-night extravaganza kicked off on Saturday night, and it proved that this would be a WrestleMania we would never forget while still providing the exciting moments that we associate with the signature event of the year.’

New champions were crowned during Night 1 of the action that took place inside the Performance Center, while Kevin Owens gave us — and himself — a WrestleMania moment to be remembered for ages. Meanwhile, we were treated to the most creative main event in the history of WrestleMania outside of the Performance Center as AJ Styles and The Undertaker delivered a boneyard match that set the internet ablaze.’

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WWE successfully takes risks in cinematic Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 36 will be remembered for a lot of things. Last Minute Stuff - WWE Has Big Plans For A Polarizing Top ... Has Big Plans For A Polarizing Top Star WWE has big things in store for one of the company's most accomplished stars, who is expected to get a massive push on multiple brands. (Forbes Real Time) More The first Wrestlemania to go across two nights. WWE Is Firmly Committed To The Push Of A Polarizing New Star it became clear that WWE would be without Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 36 as her long-term future with the company remains unclear, Baszler emerged as the backup plan for Lynch at WWE’s ... The first Wrestlemania with no fans. A Wrestlemania where the top two titles both changed hands. WWE Is Making Big Changes To Several Top WrestleMania 36 ... is reportedly changing several planned WrestleMania 36 matches involving top stars like Roman Reigns and John Cena. Sign in to your Forbes account or register But when we look back on this past weekend, Wrestlemania 36 could become the Mania that’s known for its cinematic matches.

WWE has done cinematic-style matches in the past, even at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 12 featured the Hollywood Backlot Brawl between Roddy Piper and Goldust, which started at, aptly, a Hollywood Backlot, and featured cut-ins of the OJ Ford Bronco chase before ending up in the arena. Summerslam 96 had the Boiler Room Brawl between Mankind and the Undertaker. WWE also had Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt compete in the ‘Ultimate Deletion’ back in 2018, though there were questions as to how much Vince McMahon actually liked the latter. Last weekend though, we saw two cinematic-style matches, each one incredibly unique for what we’ve seen in WWE, and unique from each other.

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