WWE May Bring Back Two Big Events In 2020

WWE could be bringing back two blockbuster events: One of its most memorable shows in recent history and another more controversial one.

McCarthy also reports that a second Evolution show, which was described as a ‘no brainer,’ could take place right around the same time as WWE’s special Saudi Arabian event.

McCarthy added, ‘WWE knows the goodwill the event brings with the fans and many inside the company feel running a second show is a ‘no brainer’. I’ve spoken to several women on and off the record in WWE about an Evolution 2 and they all say they are being vocal about pushing for it…Of course, that hasn’t come to pass yet and it is believed that WWE had some tentative plans around the end of the year, but scheduling made things difficult. Now, given that their schedule has been stripped right back, it’s believed by many inside the company that now is a perfect time and it’s ‘more than likely’ it will happen in 2020.’

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Date: 2020-07-29
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Not to change the topic here:

Marvel to Bring Back the Externals for X

Those last two are points of contention. Apocalypse has the longevity of the Externals, but that may be the result of the Celestials getting involved with him long ago. His status as an External was up for debate, but he’s been referred to as an Extenera since the House of X/Powers of X relaunch.

On the other hand, Cannonball’s status as an External has been described as a misunderstanding on multiple occasions, including by Cable, who would know more about it than anyone. If Cannonball is not a true External, then the identity of the 10th External remains a mystery.

The Externals aren’t the only villains the X-Men may have to contend with in X of Swords. The covers to upcoming issues of the crossover revealed a new group of foes called the Swordbearers of Arakko.

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Old PPV Names WWE Should Bring Back After NXT Great American Bash

WWE has restored a former pay-per-view title to its calendar by dubbing this and next week’s NXT as The Great American Bash.

The title dates back to 1985 when it was an NWA event, then a staple of WCW’s lineup before WWE acquired the asset. While the company used the title from 2004-08, as well as a generic variation of The Bash in 2009 and a special edition of SmackDown in 2012, it has sat on the shelf ever since.

WWE has taken to bringing back more event names from the past lately, with Starrcade, WarGames and In Your House making their returns in recent years.

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WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Major title change, big matches set for SummerSlam 2020

Sasha Banks’ claim to the Raw women’s title after The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules was certainly suspect. After all, Bayley awarded her the victory over Asuka after stealing the referee’s shirt at the pay-per-view event. But after Stephanie McMahon set Asuka and Banks up for a rematch on Monday’s edition of WWE Raw, Banks is now officially the Raw women’s champion.

Banks and Asuka were once again rock-solid in the ring, but again their match ended controversially. McMahon had established that the rematch would take place with the title able to change hands via disqualification or countout last week, a decision that ultimately cost Asuka the title. In the middle of the match, with Asuka firmly in control, video of Bayley brutally attacking Kairi Sane cut in on the TitanTron. A distracted Asuka was motivated by the screams of her Kabuki Warriors partner to run from the ring to save her friend. Banks, down and out in the center of the ring from Asuka’s attack, took the win as Asuka was counted out, becoming Raw women’s champion in the process.

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