But that reign could be in jeopardy if Nikki Cross has anything to say about it.

[ WWE Officials Expect Top Name To Become Pro Wrestling’s Next ‘Mainstream’ Star ]

WWE is no stranger to seeing its superstars move on to bigger and better things, and one of the company’s top female talents may continue that trend.

McCarthy noted that a source told him, ‘Several agents have said they’d be shocked if she wasn’t the next WWE talent to cross over, but who knows. She legit loves wrestling’.’

While there has been no definitive word as to what Flair’s TV project will be, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin notes that it will be a ‘scripted show with a big network,’ one that may very well serve as Flair’s big break and the avenue that steers her to a career outside of the squared circle:

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Top WWE Superstar Pegged As Next Mainstream Crossover Star

WWE has lost notable Superstars to Hollywood, and they might lose one more. Charlotte Flair is currently out of action, and she might not be back for a while because of acting opportunities coming her way.

Charlotte Flair is in talks to be in a television show, but it’s not a reality television show. She is in talks to be in a scripted television show on a big network. That might keep her from the company, but there are apparently other offers for The Queen.

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Seven current WWE stars who would make it in the Attitude Era including Bray Wyatt, Becky Lynch and AJ Styles

Vince McMahon capitalised on the boom in professional wrestling in America across the 1990s to produce consistent must-see TV.

WWE became mainstream and made household names out of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, DX and The Undertaker.

So named after the change in “attitude”, Raw drifted away from traditional Hulk Hogan tropes of the 80s to screen more adult-themed content.

Many of the company’s current stars grew up as fans of the business during the Attitude Era but what if they were in their prime 20 years ago?

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Starting with the obvious, the former WWE champion has suffered from bad booking owing to writers struggling to showcase his unique persona.

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The best iPhone apps (July 2020)

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Google Chrome is an upgrade over Apple’s default Safari in almost every way. It syncs across multiple devices, so you can access your history or bookmarks from any device. Need to pull up the website you were looking at a week ago on your PC? No problem, Chrome remembers. It also includes a range of other features, including search bar autocomplete, data saving services, and unlimited tabs. Just remember to clean your tabs out occasionally ‘ no-one needs 80 open tabs.

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A New MMA ‘Star’ is Born

Official Weigh-in | Peso Oficial Mariana Ruiz (117.1 lbs) Dulce Garc’a (117.5 lbs)#CombateEstrellas pic.twitter.com/aStgwwg4H8

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