WWE Raw gets title change and dark Bray Wyatt turn

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Bray Wyatt’s Psychedelic Puppet Show Is The Best Thing In WWE

As confused and confusing as WWE has seemed of late, there is some reason for hope, there. Videos for WWE Raw Gets Title Change And Dark Bray WWE Raw gets title change and dark Bray Wyatt turn Yahoo The male world champions who were crowned at WrestleMania, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, have been kept in simple, effective storylines that mostly showcase them as fighting champions, and they’ve shown well in that limited role. But the true highlight of main-roster WWE programming since WrestleMania has had very little to do with the promotion’s in-ring wrestling product. 1:12 Bray Wyatt Reveals A Dark Secret That Scares The F*ck Out Of Me 😱😱 WWE Raw 5/13/2019 YouTube I’m talking about the weekly Firefly Fun House segment, which features cult leader Bray Wyatt, seeming fresh and weirder than ever after almost a year off, in his new guise as a demented children’s edutainer. 6:39 YOWIE! WOWIE! Mick Foley Announces New Title On WWE Raw ! Bray Wyatt Becoming New Hardcore Champion? YouTube It’s not perfect: The segments have lately felt as if they’re out of order, and it has all felt a bit off after the revelation that Wyatt was trying to brainwash children. 30:26 WWE RAW Dark for 3rd Hour - ** NEW 24/7 TITLE ** - STATE OF THE WWE #118 YouTube It’s also far from clear how all this can effectively be adapted into anything resembling a pro wrestling storyline, much less inform how Wyatt wrestles in the ring. The wheels could very well come off the second this stops being limited to colorful pre-recorded skits.

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WWE Super ShowDown 2019: Picks for Every Match and Bold Predictions

WWE is really harping on the idea Super ShowDown will be “just as good, if not better than WrestleMania” and despite all the controversy surrounding these Saudi Arabia events, the card doesn’t actually look bad.

Kofi Kingston will defend the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler, Goldberg and The Undertaker will battle each other for the first time, and there will be a 50-Man Over-the-Top Battle Royal that will make history.

Since these events are treated like such big deals, there is always a possibility for something major to go down like a title change or the start of a serious angle.

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Former wrestling publicist puts Shakespearean touch on infamous Montreal Screwjob

Shocked fans show support for Bret Hart following the controversial wrestling double-cross at Survivor Series in Montreal in 1997. WWE photo

Barry Norman, who served as a publicist for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling, owns a movie theater in Maine. Photo provided

All Japan Pro Wrestling world junior heavyweight champion Atsushi Aoki passed away following an accident while riding his motorcycle in Tokyo, Japan. Photo provided/Twitter

The infamous ‘Montreal Screwjob,’ one of the most controversial off-script double-crosses in professional wrestling history, is still talked about and debated almost 22 years after the 1997 incident at WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

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