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Rand Paul

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CNN anchor defends calling Rand Paul an ‘a-
(Oct 2021) CNN anchor Brianna Keilar expressed no contrition over calling Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. an “ass” for grilling Dr. Anthony Fauci about the U.S. sending money to the Wuhan lab where the coronavirus

Rand Paul Says Cryptocurrency Could Replace Dollar
(Oct 2021) Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has suggested that a cryptocurrency could replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and said that he has been “amazed” by the growth in digital currencies. Paul

Rand Paul on new call for Dr. Fauci’s firing: Evidence overwhelmingly points to COVID originating in lab
(Oct 2021) Ky., told “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday that there is “overwhelming” evidence pointing to the coronavirus originating in a Wuhan lab.

Rand Paul: Crypto could become world’s reserve currency if government trust falls
(Oct 2021) The Republican senator from Kentucky cited a lack of trust in government as the reason more people may turn to cryptocurrencies.

Fauci disputes NIH-funded research at Wuhan Institute involved gain of function as Rand Paul calls for his firing
(Oct 2021) Paul said in an interview with “Axios on HBO” that President Biden should fire Fauci, who he claims lied to Congress about US-funded research in Wuhan.

Rand Paul Wonders if Crypto Will Become World Reserve Currency
(Oct 2021) Senator Rand Paul is wondering whether cryptocurrency could dethrone the dollar as the world’s reserve currency as it continues to grow in popularity.

Rand Paul: Fauci Never Explains Why Research U.S. Government Funded At Wuhan Lab Is Not “Gain-Of
(Oct 2021) Sen. Rand Paul said Dr. Anthony Fauci should resign in the wake of reports that he lied under oath about whether the government-funded any gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Fauci Blasts Rand Paul On Covid Lab Leak Theory: “Molecularly Impossible”
(Oct 2021) Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back on reports that suggest he lied under oath during Senate testimony about the U.S. government funding “gain-of-function” research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute

Sen. Rand Paul says Fauci should be fired for ‘lack of judgment’
(Oct 2021) Senator Rand Paul is calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired over his “lack of judgment” throughout the pandemic. Paul said that the chief medical adviser lied about research the National Institutes

Bitcoin Could Become World Reserve Currency, Says Senator Rand Paul
(Oct 2021) As people lose confidence in the government institutions, bitcoin could benefit and rise to become the world’s reserve currency, Senator Rand Paul said. “I’ve started to question now whether or not

I don’t know how I’m OK.” “Feeling blessed to be alive after this last night,” Anton, 27, wrote.
Oct 28th, 2021 06:05 UTC "Feeling blessed to be alive after this last night," Anton, 27, wrote. "I'm okay just feel so grateful that no one was hurt." * * * "A bus basically came across me and he's braked hard because he's went over a speed bump," he recalled.

Frankie Sims reveals she recently stayed over with ex Jack Fincham and he declared his love for her
on 27th of Oct 2021 And ' star' ' , 26, revealed on Wednesday that she stayed over with ex ' , 30, and he declared his love for her before the''huge row' on TOWIE.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Teenage pregnancy shock for Ella Richardson: ‘I think I’m pregnant!’
on 27th of Oct 2021 Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer) leaves Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn) speechless Hollyoaks scenes, as she tells her she might be pregnant .

Emmerdale Kerry. As the cold, dark evenings draw in, nothing hits the food spot quite like a big bowl of comforting
on 27th of Oct 2021 Emmerdale actress Laura Norton revealed all on Kerry Wyatt's comeback, and the secret she has been keeping from daughter Amy ' ' Emmerdale's Kerry Wyatt has been away from the village for a long time,

Donal’s comforting vegetarian pumpkin pasta | This Morning
on 27th of Oct 2021 As the cold, dark evenings draw in, nothing hits the food spot quite like a big bowl of comforting pasta. And with Halloween just around the corner, Donal is making the most out of this season's star veg - the pumpkin!

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